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Here at Armonico we want to make you great videos, photos and sounds. To break our services down it ends up circling back to the same principle, ideas to reality. You have a vision of what you want to communicate, what you want to build, all you need is a technical partner to assist you. That’s Armonico

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Storytelling Through Digital Media

Today, media can be the difference between being heard and being understood. By formulating strong and original narratives, translating these narratives to a digital medium, and sharing, individuals and business can reach out in ways never before possible. However, with the ease of uploading, the art of storytelling can be lost in the noise.

Telling a good story is the glue that binds video and audio together into a captivating experience. We appreciate the art of storytelling and apply it to all the projects we are privileged to participate in. Taking what may sometimes seem dull and revealing history, emotions, ideas that not only convey but compel. We strive to produce media that illuminates a powerful message in a way only storytelling can.

About Us

Corey Burns

Corey Burns


Corey Burns is an ex-chemist that escaped the lab in pursuit of fresh air and sunshine. Extensive skills in prep, shooting, editing, vfx, and the numerous elements that go into producing video. Hundreds of edited hours in educational material, events, documentation, archival material, research, and so on. Working with some notable names such as The History Channel, H2, E!, and Discovery.

When not working, Corey enjoys long camping trips, yoga, gardening, volunteering and soccer.



Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson


Vanessa Wilson is a published writer, photographer and production developer. Aspiring to create great content, she graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2011. She holds dual degrees in Communications and Social and Behavioral Science.

Vanessa has had the pleasure of working on a wide spectrum of TV and film productions for Lionsgate, Paramount, Disney, Fox and currently the History Channel. She has produced original 60-minute content for Hurwitz Entertainment, written a children’s book and photographed events and engagements for various clients.

Vanessa is enthusiastic about her upcoming projects that include the publishing of her second book and contributing to Armonico as a writer and photographer.



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